Basic information regarding the merge of Hades and Artemis

Dear community,

you already know that we are going to merge our Cataclysm realms, Hades and Artemis, into one huge realm. The information you received from us about it didn’t specify any details.
We discussed and settled on some things relevant to the merge in recent days and we can share some of those with you. One of these news is the most important one, merge date.

Merge of Hades and Artemis will take place on 24th of April 2019. More information about the merge process and its starting time will be provided before that date.

The merged realm also needs a new name. In the internal poll we were choosing from several name suggestions. As is our custom, those names were names of Greek deities.
Name of the merged international realm will be Apollo.

Merge of two realms with quite a few differences is a time-consuming process. We still need to sort out some of them and will inform you about them in an upcoming announcement.

There is something we can share with you already. A week prior to the merge, on 17th of April, ongoing PvP seasons on both realms will end, therefore Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds will be unavailable up until the merge. The season evaluation will take place before the merge for each realm. Our reasoning for this is pretty simple, we want everyone to have the same starting point in a huge merged PvP community in the new season, which will start right after the merge.

More information regarding the merge (rules, team, communication and all the rest) are yet to be announced.

Hades team

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