Atlantiss to open free faction transfers on Netherwing for horde to alliance with an exp boost

Posted by Furious

Date: March 16, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

Today on their Discord server one of the Atlantiss Community Managers, drain(scyllabae), posted the following:

Hey @everyone

On Monday, we will enable faction transfers on our main realm for free and allow any horde interested in playing alliance (and avoiding a long queue) to transfer to the opposing faction. Additionally, we will also tighten the queue more than the aforementioned ratio (40/60).

For guild masters, you will also be able to migrate your guild to the opposite faction without too much of a hassle. If any guilds from the horde side don’t want to risk the queue stopping your raiding schedule, all you have to do is be the last one in your own guild and then start the transfer. All your items in the guild bank will be saved, but you’ll have to re-invite your guild members once transferred.

During this transfer period, we will temporarily give the alliance side a minor XP boost (x2) between 5-7 days. We hope that everyone that has no time to wait for a queue, or wants to help out the alliance side, takes initiative and transfers

If you’re interested in transferring, you can test out the system on our PTR realm in the meanwhile. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate messaging me

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