Ascension Classless: Random Mode TBC, MYTHIC TBC Dungeons, and New Raids!

Posted by Kaladin

Date: April 27, 2021

Categories: Private Servers

Ascension’s League 2 realm is moving into TBC! If you missed the launch of CLASSLESS Burning Crusade, now is your chance to get in on the action. Brand new PvE changes are here to offer Heroes the difficulty they prefer. Mythic Dungeons, Ascension Difficulty, and Flex Heroic raiding are on the horizon. Meanwhile, Serpentshrine Cavern is on the way as the first of the tier 5 raids on Core Realms. Finally, some awesome PvP updates including the Blood Bowl, Arena Frenzy Event, and the start of Arena Season 2 are on the way! Sit back and relax while Zen brings you up to speed with what’s going on in the Ascension Official Update.

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