Ascension Classless: AMAZING x3 Bonus Weekend +30% EXP, x3 Honor | Try Classless WoW NOW!

Storm into CLASSLESS Azeroth and try the private server nobody can shut up about. Create your OWN class, mix and match skills and talents from each of WoW’s original 9 classes, and forge your own custom champion. There’s never been a better time: for the next week, +30% bonus EXP and Honor to help you dive into this new version of Azeroth. Clock’s ticking.

  • 30% Bonus EXP
    • Level fast and catch up with the pack!
  • 30% Bonus Honor
    • Get Epic PvP Gear
    • Exchange Honor for:
      • Mystic Orbs
      • Mystic Runes
      • Specialization 2
      • Talent and Ability Purges
      • …and more

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