WotLK Cooking Dailies Guide

WotLK Cooking Dailies Guide
WotLK Cooking Dailies Guide WotLK Guides

Guide Type: Professions

Profession: Cooking

If you have a minimum of 350 cooking skill and are level 71 or higher, you will be able to do the Cooking Dailies. One daily a day, chosen at random from your respective cooking trainer. These are quick and easy dailies that not only reward you with a little bit of extra gold, they provide the Dalaran Cooking Awards which you use to purchase new cooking recipes.

  • Alliance: Katherine Lee. Located in the kitchen in A Hero’s Welcome in Dalaran. A Hero’s Welcome is the Alliance Inn, and located southeast of the main entrance to the Alliance part of town (The Silver Conclave). Go inside, straight ahead in the far back right corner.
  • Horde: Awilo Lon’gomba. Located in the kitchen of The Filthy Animal in Dalaran – the Horde Inn. You will find it in the north-east section of Sunreaver’s Sanctuary. It’s in the side room on the bottom level.


Each daily quest rewards you with 5g 10s, a single Dalarn Cooking award, Small Spice Bag and 150 reputation with Kirin Tor

The Spice Bag can contain any of the following:

  • Baby Spice
  • Northern Spices
  • Old Spices
  • Another Dalaran Cooking Award
  • Or Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake! Mmm

Achievement: Our Daily Bread / Our Daily Bread Complete each of the cooking daily quests offered by Katherine Lee / Awilo Lon’gomba in Dalaran.


Note about Chilled Meat
Chilled meat is a random drop from killing all animals. There is no real way to ‘farm’ this, apart from killing every animal you come across. I always try to keep at least a stack of chilled meat in the bank to ensure I have it on hand for the dailies.

Cheese for Glowergold (Alliance) / Cheese for Glowergold (Horde)

Objective: Combine the empty cheese platter with Aged Dalaran Limburger from the cheese shop “One More Glass” and with 6 Half Full Dalaran Wine Glasses found on tables around Dalaran. Bring the Wine and Cheese platter to Ranid Glowergold at the Leatherworkers in the Magus Commerce Exchange.

This is your standard ‘collect and deliver’ quest… The Half Full Dalaran Wine Glasses are found in the cities bars and inns and will sparkle for you. You’ll get most of what you need in the inn you got the quest from, just look around the tables. The wine can also be found at the tavern across from the cheese shop, and in the cheese shop itself. You should have no trouble collecting them.

The Aged Dalaran Limburger is from the cheese shop “One More Glass”. The cheese shop is on the east side of the city, next door to the Bank of Dalaran and the Horde quarter. The cheese is not sold by the vendor but rather looted from one of the tables, it should be sparkling for you. Once you have both items, use the platter in your inventory (looks like a low level shield) to combine the items into your quest item and turn it in at Legendary Leathers at the very back of the Magus Commerce Exchange.

  • Half Full Dalaran Wine Glass locations
  • Dalaran Limburger location.


Convention at the LegerdemainConvention at the Legerdemain (Alliance) / Convention at the Legerdemain (Horde)

Objective: Bring 12 Northern Stew that you use your cooking skill to make and a Jug of Wine from the cheese shop in Dalaran to Arille Azuregaze at the Legerdemain Lounge found in Runeweaver Square in Dalaran.

You should already have the recipe for Northen Stew, so grab 12 Chilled Meat and cook that up. The Jug of Wine is found in the cheese shop ‘One More Glass’. The cheese shop is on the east side of the city, next door to the Bank of Dalaran and the Horde quarter. Just head up the stairs and you can’t miss it, lots of sparklies. To hand in, head out the cheese shop and into The Legerdemain Lounge directly opposite.


Infused Mushroom Meatloaf (Alliance) / Infused Mushroom Meatloaf (Horde)

Objective: Cook 4 Infused Mushrooms from the Dalaran sewers with 2 Chilled Meats in your Meatloaf Pan and bring them to Orton Bennet in Curiosities & Moore located in Runeweaver Square in Dalaran.

Nice and easy. The Infused Mushrooms spawn in various locations in the sewer, so just run around until you have found your 4. Combine it with 2 Chilled Meat in the Meatloaf Pan provided and hand it in to Orton Bennet located on the second floor of Curiosities & Moore, which is the southern most quarter of Runeweaver Square.



Mustard Dogs! (Alliance) / Mustard Dogs! (Horde)

Objective: Fill the Empty Picnic Basket with 4 Rhino Dogs that you cook with your cooking skill and 4 Wild Mustard that you find in the grassy areas of Dalaran. Bring the Picnic Basket to Archmage Pentarus at Krasus’ Landing in Dalaran.

For this daily, you must cook 4 Rhino Dogs, of which the recipe is taught by trainers and requires Rhino meat which of course, comes from most Rhino’s. Personally I would advise Borean Thundra if you plan farming these as there are plenty around P.E.T.A camp’s, or the Rhino’s in Sholazar Basin are pretty close together. The 4 Wild Mustard’s can be found growing in any grassy patch in Daralan, simply run around looking for sparklies.



Sewer Stew (Alliance) / Sewer Stew (Horde)

Objective: Cook 4 Crystalsong Carrots from Crystalsong Forest with 4 Chilled Meat in the Cookpot. Once it is ready bring the Vegetable Stew to the Dalaran sewers Innkeeper Ajay Green.

For the carrots, use the portal stone in Dalaran down the Crystalsong Forest. You will find the portal stone in the east building of Runeweaver Square, the entrance being opposite the stairs to the flight master. The carrots are around the forest where you come in – see this map for locations. If you’re herbalist and have track herbs active the carrots show up on the minimap making them really easy to find.

When you have found your carrots combine it with four Chilled Meat in the cookpot provided near a cooking fire. Innkeeper Ajay Green is located down in the sewers, the closest entry point to him is in front of The Violet Citadel.

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