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  • x15 XP
  • Instant cast 100% mount
  • 200G

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WoWGasm Reloaded – brought to you by the visionaries of WoWGasm past.

  • Progressive Server
  • Dynamic XP Rates
  • Transmog system
  • Wintergrasp working
  • Active development
  • Dedicated (event) staff
  • Active Forums and Discord
  • Frequent promotion events
  • Custom shop where you can vote or donate
  • Special rates such as rep/prof/drop every second weekend
  • Developers playing among players to make sure content such as dungeons and raids get fixed.



Q: Another attempt to reboot WoWGasm?
A: Yes, this time in lead of experienced former staff from WoWGasm and (ex)developers with years of experience.

Q: Why did you decide to use WoWGasm and not a new name?
A: Because we hope to reach out to the old players that miss it as much as we do.

Q: Has anything improved over time?
A: What hasn’t? Better servers, less bugs, older and more experienced staff, no more pay to win donations.. I can keep going!

Q: (I was part of the staff on WoWGasm/RG.) Can I be a GM?
A: We are always looking for new staff as the server grows. At this moment we are sufficient with the staff we have.

Q: Will you ever become big again?
A: We try to! We have a lot unique ideas and tricks to reach our goals!

Q: How can I join?
A: It’s super easy! You download our client, create your account and finished! Or.. you can just use your own 3.3.5a client.

Q: I have my own server and wish to combine our playerbases.
A: Contact me through PM or [email protected] to discuss business.

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Rownan's Overall Experience
3.7[ Community 5.00 | Scripting 4.50 | Population 1.50 ]
My Main

A little background:
I have been playing WoWGasm for a little over a month now as a Human Paladin(Rownan) and overall have enjoyed every bit of it. My experience with private servers is fairly vast, I have been playing actively on various servers since 2008 under the names Rownan, Blinq, Drezlulz and some others I can’t remember. What I am trying to say is I know the private server community and quality a bit from playing for that past 9 years =)

Overall Thoughts:
Over the past month I have played many class and race combos and was very happy to find that everything was working according to “blizzard standard”. Leveling is fairly easy due to the 1-7 times XP boost and as far as questing goes I have yet to run into any quest that was un-completeable. Don’t get me wrong there have been some minor things I’ve noticed with NPC “cinematics” but every quest has been completeable. Even questing through Northrend was fine but I started to notice a few minor flaws such as how the scene is set in Kaskala in Borean Tundra but again just a very minor flaw. Now the one thing I noticed right away in this server though is how friendly the community is. I have played many servers and have never came across a server with such a positive player base and on top of that a positive and active staff. This server is byfar leading in it’s community by a long shot but it just needs a higher population is all. As for the staff of the server like I said above they are all positive and active. The developers are always making changes or fixing the content from bug reports and they really stay on top of it. Overall this server has a lot of potential and already is at a great start.

Some Side Notes:
The bio above talks a little about the promotions they do like increased reputation and proffession rates and such but what it really dosen’t talk about is the in-game events the GM’s do. This server has some very unique and fun events that actually reward you with vote shop items. The most recent one I got to take part in was a Worg fighting event where everyone was brought to Dire Maul and given one of the argent worgs to ride and try to kill the other player. The top 3 were given prizes and the turnout was great and on top of that it was definetly one of the more fun events I have done on a server.


P.S. I have edited the original scoring of the scripted content from 3.5 to 4.5 due to the amount of fixes and updates they have released since I made this.

  • Cyclone
    Hi Rownan, Thanks for your detailed review! We also appreciate your bug reports :-) Kind regards, Cyclone
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Server is nice and growing
4.5[ Community 5.00 | Scripting 4.50 | Population 4.00 ]

So i play on this server and it makes me happy servers with this amazing community and staff are still around.

I played on the old wowgasm and the staff is just as friendly as it was then. Bugs get fixed very fast and support response times are fast too. Raids are fun and even though I am not that active.. i see much new players coming every week. This is why I rated 4 there.

i recommend this to everyone!


~Hikkor / Death

  • Cyclone
    Hi hikkor, Thank you for your kind words. it is true our population is growing. Kind regards, Cyclone
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5.0[ Community 5.00 | Scripting 5.00 | Population 5.00 ]

I like this server

  • Cyclone
    Hello Dweep, Thanks! How long have you been around? What’s your in-game name? :) Kind regards, Cyclone
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wowgasm.jpg 3 months ago
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