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Lordaeron is a blizzlike WotLK realm with x1 rates and a disabled dungeon finder in an attempt to increase the social aspect of the game.

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My main WotLK realm!
3.8[ Community 4.00 | Scripting 4.00 | Population 3.50 ]
warmane Lordaeron wotlk server shattrath
warmane Lordaeron wotlk server org

Having a good time here, so far I have a rogue at lvl 56 and a DK at level 62.

A couple of things to note about this server is that RDF is turned off, which is hit or miss at times but definitely seems to make the realm more social. Seems like the population has been on the decline a bit lately, but there’s still enough people to get things done.

  • 4War
    I miss the population too, but not dissapointed at all. Still have with who to get things done
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Short info about realm and a honest review
5.0[ Community 5.00 | Scripting 5.00 | Population 5.00 ]

A short information about the realm

Realm name: Lordaeron ( PvE/PvP realm )
Expansion: Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a
Release date: September 25, 2015
Rates: 1x ( Blizzlike )

Latency:  25-33 ms
Dungeon Finder disabled
Raid Difficulty enhanced with increased damage and health pools based on community progress
Emblems of Heroism from dungeons during Ulduar content
Emblems of Conquest from dungeons during Trial of the Crusader content
Emblems of Triumph from dungeons during Icecrown Citadel & Ruby Sanctum content
Anti-cheat: Enhanced Sentinel detection
Armory PvP and PvE ladder
No point store
Limited coin store:
– No character level boosts
– No profession boosts
– No realm transfer
– No heirlooms
– No legendary items
– Limitations to companion and mount availability
– Item availability based on realm’s progression
Character naming policy (actually sucks lol)


First of all, the idea disabling the dungeon finder really increase players being more social.

Staff is progressisvely releasing content, all raids and dungeons works fine, just some of them have some kind of unimportant bugs, that also they will resolve them I’m pretty sure. Icecrown Citadel and Trial of the Crusader are fully working.

There are still a lot of players that make new characters everyday, so you will have with who to do your level dungeons or quests. ( Actually low level dungeons like RFK and DM are made kinda everyday by a lot of new players )

There are a lot of twinks, so that means the queue average is 2-5 min. ( Also you don’t have chances until you are well geared for a twink wars )

Is not a p2w (pay2win) server. Yes, you can buy a max lvl character from other players using trade system for real money, but to be honest…the prices are just f*** huge.

The community can troll you sometime and if you’re using Global Chat, you can get easy information or a lot of an*l.

Guilds are very friendly and serious on raids with discord servers, calendar raids and most of them are 25+ years old.

Scripting is really not a problem anymore. Since 2016 they released a lot of changelogs with fixes. Pathfinding works how it should work. Raids and dungeons have very low chances to collate bugs.

The population dropped somehow since last year.

In conclusion

  • Friendly community.
  • Due low latency, means lag free.
  • Population is quite good 3000 – 5000+ online.
  • Working scripts.
  • No pay 2 win.
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Great Potential, BUT....

I have tried to play on this server multiple times. Unfortunately, most of my login attempts simply fail. This is not a queue, I have tried at times when servers have lowest number of people online and this still happened. Between countless messages for entering invalid information (which it wasn’t), I managed to log in 3 times over 10 days during which I got a Nelf priest to level 12. The little leveling I did was not enough to get an idea about how good or bad the scripting is, though I did find 2 bugged quests before reaching level 12.

Community seems busy as there were a lot of PUG calls in the global channel for the daily dungeons, raids, and even badge farm runs, which was excellent to see. However, I noticed quite a few of them demand an unfair gear score. You don’t need 3.5K gear score for the daily heroic. This make me feel it will be difficult to get into raids because your gear is not good enough, but you cannot get gear because groups wont take you. This has already killed Dalaran WoW for new players. But this is more an opinion, not really a personal experience because guess what, I can’t log in. Mind you this means that you cannot log into any of the WotLK realms, including the Icecrown server which apparently always has a queue..

There are numerous posts about this login issue on the forums but the mods don’t seem to care. I am yet to see a response of any kind on any of the posts, one which I made too. The same client worked for all four other servers I tried from this site. My search for a decent pop WotLK server continues.

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warmane Lordaeron wotlk server shattrath 8 months ago by Furious in My main WotLK realm!
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warmane Lordaeron wotlk server org 8 months ago by Furious in My main WotLK realm!
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