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New international realm from the developers of Tauri WoW for foreign players, offering x1 quest rates, x1 drops, x1 gold, x1 xp rates, and x1 exploration rate.
We offer you a fully scripted content, including all Cataclysm zones too.
Mist of Pandaria content is currently on patch 5.0, soon to be opened raids: Heart of Fear & Terrace of Endless Spring.
We have a working Cross Realm Battleground, Cross Realm Dungeon Finder & Cross Realm Raid Finder system which connencts players from all our Mists of Pandaria realms to our X server, where they can play together.
Evermoon & Tauri realms are now connected together with the X-Auction House system, which means they can trade items via the Auction House between the realms.
They offer a VIP Membership to unlock extra features that are outside of gameplay.

Average Population
Vanity Items Only
Well scripted Progress Through Expansion server
4.2[ Community 4.00 | Scripting 5.00 | Population 3.50 ]

After few years of active playing on Tauri (which is the same as Evermoon except the language), I only could say these servers are really close to my heart. The scripting is exceptional, almost everything working, not only the dungeons, and raids, but quest and events as well. If somewhat not, you can report the bug on their bug tracker page, and they correct it fast (depending on the severity, and the evidence’s credibility). The communication with the ‘developer’ team is versatile, they post general news as needed, write developer/change logs, you can track every single codeline changing, they have irc, discord, (facebook, but this is not that important for them), and even write back on the forum.

The bg and arena have a crossrealm (between Tauri, Evermoon and Warriors of Darkness), and as I know they plan to make this work with the raid finder and the dungeon finder as well.

Actually both the Tauri and Evermoon labeled as rppvp realms, but don’t let this fool you, everyone see these servers only as pvp. The true roleplaying is dead by now, or at least extremely rare.

Tauri (not the realm but the server family) have an own ts server, you can use it free without any registration. They also happen to make lot of addons Tauri-tuned, and they also wrote a little Launcher program, where you can install the games (they have a few low pop, nearly empty wotlk servers too), download addons, track the population real time, and see the news.

The population is low (about 150 at these times), but because of the crossrealm mentioned above it’s not a real issue.

There is a vanity shop for mounts, pets, tabard and other fun stuff, and it is common to sell and buy characters through the webpage (after an ingame bargain, not like in warmane).

The most engaging thing about Tauri is the progress through expansion. They started at the late Vanilla back in 2006, and they have been gone through all the raids since then. They are currently at the beggining of MoP, and I’m telling you, this have been quite a journey. There is no plan to quit this progressing attitude, so I reckon they going to progress the server(s) through a several expansion in the future. Every “new” content is testet at the PTR first, and only after that released to the live realms.

As for my conclusion, I highly recommand these servers for everyone, who like this content, not just because they are way ahead of the other MoP server, but for the later progression as well.

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''All by myseeelf, dont wanna be all by myseeeeelf anymoooore''
1.7[ Community 2.50 | Scripting 2.50 | Population 0.00 ]

I guess this realm was doing better a few months ago. I just joined Evermoon and everyday  we get a max of 30-35 people at peak hours on either faction. It is so empty, I ran into a total of like 2 or 3 people while leveling. Im around level 60. I havent managed to get in an rdf, it shows im always alone in the queue and one time i was queued with 1 heal but no dps(i queued as tank). Havent found any active guilds. There is no P2W which is great. People are saying scripts are good, cant really comment on that since im just basically questing alone all the time and havent reached lvl 90. I have found some bugs but it really doesnt bother me. I really wanted to give this a try and maybe ill reach lvl 90 but after that I dont see me playing there any more. I cant see how i will be able to pvp or pve or do anything that requires a group. I really wanna try the Tauri realm which is populated, but I dont speak the language and i think that would also result in me being isolated. I guess it would be cool to join to just level with a friend to 90 and not much more

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