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A popular WotLK private server with a sizable population of over 1500 during peak hours. Currently has two realms online with anti-ddos protection and a functional Windergrasp PVP zone. The offer gear in their cash shop, however they only offer level 70 gear and lower.

Average Population
Vanity Items Only, Levels
set realmlist logon.dalaran-realmlist.org
No PVE, no PVP
1.5[ Community 1.00 | Scripting 2.50 | Population 1.00 ]

RAF is working. No P2W. There is no PVP besides some Wintergrasp (which is buggy btw and often people multibox so you insta win or lose. Still, the only fun I had on that server). With PVE you get stuck because you are forced to progress and unfortunately there arent enough people for that or you just get in fail pugs(also pve has a lot of bugs too). Most people have done their progression already and just afk all day in front of the Dalaran bank. The rest just dont know how to play. If you arent in a guild (btw there are no decent guilds anymore. Just mass invite ones and elitist ones who only invite you if you have the gear. Gear which you cannot get because you just get in pugs who fail all raids or you are in some mass invite guild which doesnt even do anything). Totally not friendly for new players. Community is beyond toxic, I had to get the addon ‘Give me peace’ to stop the random whispers harassing me for no reason. Economy is kinda okay for a pserver. I first joined Dalaran when it first came out and it was my favorite server, mainly because of its awesome community. Now its all different. A lot of crashes, the draw distance is ridiculous, you literally have to stand on top of a mob/player to be able to see it. The population is also significantly lower now, dungeon finder queues take forever even when I queue as a heal. Its just so boring. No one ever replies to your tickets. Even if you report someone for lets say botting or hacking or harassing, no action is ever taken. They ban like a couple of random reported people every day and they announce it on the chat so other players will be scared to do so. But the reality is there is probably no anti cheat or no GMs online monitoring it ever. You can bot/hack all you want, you will never get caught.

I would recommend it if you plan on playing with friends (but then again all servers are fun if you play with friends), but even then dont expect a full experience because of the progression and lack of decent guilds and good pugs. Wintergrasp is fun

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Decent for casual players
4.3[ Community 5.00 | Scripting 4.00 | Population 4.00 ]

Personally, I love Dalaran-WoW. It’s got everything I want and need as a casual player. My group of friends got involved with a guild relatively quickly, and they are a fun group of people who aren’t draining and don’t demand the world out of you.

– Decent population
American prime-hours is when the realm is at its low point, as it’s hosted in Europe. However, there’s a very diverse community on the server, and it’s easy to get involved with a guild.
– Progressive
The realm offers progressive raid systems. You can only experience a raid if you’ve completed the previous raid. For example, you can’t jump into Ulduar without first completing Naxxaramas.
– Most quests are scripted properly
There are a handful of end-game quests that aren’t working properly, but the leveling experience was just fine. Plenty of people to help complete group quests, and the dungeon Q’s aren’t too bad. 25-30 minute wait. Plenty of time to gather dungeon quests.

– Broken economy
There are a stupid amount of gold farmers that the devs can’t seem to control. You get daily mail of free gold, so paying for your talents, skills, and leveling gear isn’t bad. However, when you hit higher levels, the profession materials are unreasonably expensive, and the 80 gear that helps you get into raids is beyond expensive. There isn’t any control on the market, so everything is out of whack. Example: 1 stack of linen cloth is 50g-100g.
– Raids are only 90% working
Every raid has a major bug to take into consideration. In Naxx, you can’t do the construct quarter until very last, or you get an everlasting debuff. In Ulduar, Ignis and Razor are scaled up, so only players who have farmed the instance 10 times stand a chance against the bosses. Or you have to get carried. Either way, it’s not completable for a group of 10 average newer players. In ToC, you have a chance of missing loot. No rhyme or reason, just some bosses won’t drop loot- or count toward the achievement. In ICC, PP’s slimes aren’t slowed and you have a chance of not being rezzed during the Lich King encounter, effectively bugging his loot, and ending the raid.
– Server Disconnects
If you can tolerate 5-minute server disconnects at least twice a day, then this should be a problem. But if you can’t stand server disconnects (especially during raid encounters) then this server isn’t for you.

Overall, I’m happy with my experience so far, but that’s also because I’m apart of a great micro-community. If you have friends that want to play, this is the best server out there. If you’re more elitist and need a picture-perfect experience, then I’d try somewhere else.

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