Atlantiss - Dragonwrath

2.70 (1 review)

A patch 4.3.4 WoW private server featuring RaF (recruit a friend). Offers a mini game client allowing users to play while downloading. Largely considered the best Cataclysm realm currently online.

Average Population
Vanity Items Only
set realmlist
Nice scripts, terrible GMs
2.7[ Community 1.00 | Scripting 5.00 | Population 2.00 ]

The scripts are good, there is RAF working, the population has dropped a bit since the release of legion. A lot of toxic players but some nice folks as well, especially if you manage to get in a decent guild. Economy is messed up. No P2W.

Unfortunately, the great work the devs have done is sometimes overshadowed by the terrible GMs. Tickets are never answered, GMs abuse power all the time. I was warned about this when I first joined with my friends, but of course I didnt believe it. People kept telling me that GMs power abuse and ban whoever they want without anyone ever checking up on them. I finally believed it when I saw 3 of my friends get banned in front of me because they had a disagreement with a GM in a random daily dungeon, while the GM was on his player account. Their accounts were suspended a minute later because the GM didnt want to kill all bosses and wanted to rush to end (my friends and I were new so we needed to kill all). He tried to ban them because they asked to be kicked from the group since he was being extremely rude. He also tried to ban me, I never even talked or did anything, i was just standing there while they were arguing. I had screenshots and I sent them to the server owner, minutes later their accounts were unbanned and the GM who tried to ban us replied and told us he is doing us a favor for giving us our accounts back(!). Needless to say we immediately quit the server and went elsewhere.

I would recommend it if you don’t mind grinding with x1 rates(preferably with a friend for RAF), only to lose your account later for no reason. I would definitely play on Atlantiss again if they did something about the GMs.

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