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Rolled a hunter on Kronos but aren’t sure where to find a rare elite pet or what the spawn times are? Is that damn Goretusk Liver ever going to drop? You saw a priest in Ironforge sporting the Benediction staff and you need to know how to get it?

When playing on a Vanilla WoW server, it can be frustrating trying to find accurate information for quests and items, especially regarding drop rates and items sources. We’ve compiled this list of available databases supporting patch 1.12.1 to help make things easier. We also have a post to help you find a Burning Crusade database, a Vanilla WoW Talent Calculator, and TBC talent calculator!


Classic DB – Visit

The most popular Vanilla WoW database, it features integrated comments from Wowhead, however the comments pull from later patches so at times may be incorrect due to changes in TBC or WotLK.

TwinStar Vanilla Database – Visit

TwinStar’s Vanilla database supporting their popular Kronos vanilla private server. While this db also offers integrated Wowhead comments, a major drawback is that you have to be logged in to see them, and then the load times are very slow.

Vanilla WoW DB – Visit

This website uses the Official Lightshope World Database, so it is accurate for the patch currently live on Lighthope.


Alternate Language Databases

French: NostalGeek Database – Visit

French (supports some English) language server NostalGeek offers this Vanilla WoW item and quest database, missing certain features such as comments and screenshot, but does show the item source. Did somebody say [Lame-tonnerre, épée bénie du Cherchevent]?


German: Classic-WoW Database – Visit

German language database for patch 1.12.1. Shows item source, disenchant information, and comments.

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