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Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/SPFWW2

Realm Description

Elkoy is a new RSPS that has been highly anticipated for a long time. Elkoy offers the most thrilling content that you will find in any Runescape Private Server and that is why players stay at Elkoy and love us. We guarantee 24 hour uptime and you will find frequent updates ensuring you will always have something to do on Elkoy, we know you’ll not regret it! So come play Elkoy RSPS for free with hundreds of players.


  • 25 skills, including Hunter, Construction, Summoning and Dungeoneering.
  • More than 600 players online daily.
  • More than 15 active minigames, including Inferno, Soul Wars, Clan Wars and Castle Wars.
  • More than 25 bosses with special mechanics and unique drops.
  • More than 200 challenging achievements.
  • More than 5 entertaining quests, including Ghost ahoy and Lunar diplomacy.
  • Wilderness activities, including Wilderness slayer, Resource area and Treasure chests.
  • Bounty hunter target system in the wilderness.
  • Advanced Slayer system with Regular, Elite, Wilderness and Duo tasks.
  • Master skillcapes with special perks for players who have reached maximum experience in a skill.
  • Shooting stars.
  • Evil trees.
  • Full clanchat system with ranks. We have tons of active clanchats!
  • Player owned shops.
  • Active gambling (Flower poker, dicing and lottery).
  • Active Duel arena staking.
  • Full magic spells, including miasmics.
  • Full curses with proper effects.
  • Active leaderboards.


Elkoy RuneScape Private ServerElkoy RuneScape Private ServerElkoy RuneScape Private Server
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