World of Warcraft Clean Client hosted on VPS

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World of Warcraft Clean Client hosted on VPS

Post by rr2739 » Fri Dec 21, 2018 3:38 am


Hello everyone, I was looking around the web and could not find any good links for this, so i decided to make one.

This is a clean client, no patches, fresh. You will not have any issues with it I guarantee it 100%

Format: ZIP
Ver: 3.3.5a 12340

This is a direct download, Not a torrent so you do not need to download any torrent software.
This is a ready to go client, you do not have to download anything extra.

File is Hosted directly from a VPS Server, therefore your download speed is up to your ISP

Enjoy and please keep this exclusively on DKPminus.

Thank you and enjoy!

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