Hunter Pets

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Hunter Pets

Post by alfavhunter » Sat Dec 08, 2018 7:48 pm

this is to discuss each pet and its benefits.

as an example, broken tooth has the fastest attack speed of all the pets

gorillas while not the best dps pet, are useful at picking up aoe aggro with thunder stomp, however it has a 1 min CD so that has to be kept in mind. this does however line up well with the 1 min CD on volley. which can allow you to use it more reliably when you are on your own with just you and your pet. if you find yourself in constant aoe fights, the gorilla can actually out dps broken tooth due to thunder stromp.

also keep in mind pet abilities have ranks and pets level with you.

you will need to retame pets to get the higher ranks of claw, bite, thunder stomp, exc. but that doesn't mean you have to keep that new pet, just use it until you learn the new rank of the ability in your beast training. this means you wont have to get your 'new' pets loyalty up and can switch back to the pet you wanted to train this ability onto.

pet loayalty is gained by keeping them well fed, dont just stuff them with food though as the loyalty goes up as they are happy, not being fed. also when they are fed they gain a HoT or happiness over time effect that makes them more happy, so after each feeding let your pet digest its food before you give it more. this includes not sending it into combat right after you fed it as it will lose the HoT effect from feeding uppon taking or dealing damage.

you also cannot feed your pet in combat, but if you fed it before combat and it doesnt take damage or deal damage it wont lose the HoT from eating.

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Re: Hunter Pets

Post by Nenharm » Sat Dec 29, 2018 11:22 am

Lupos deals shadow damage instead of normal damage ignoring armour and dealing the most damage in the game as a pet. This was patched later in vanilla, but if youre playing before the patch he is a must have

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