Burning Crusade 2.4.3 Private Servers

The Burning Crusade was released on January 16, 2007 and expanded into Outlands. For those looking for a TBC private server, we’d compiled a thorough list with population, rates, videos, and more.

Server Avg Pop Rates Type Language Style
ExcaliburWoW 1200 x2 PVP English Cash Shop
Feenix Archangel 900 x14 PVP English High Rates, Cash Shop
Looking4Group (Hellfire) 650 x1 Instant 60 PVP English Blizzlike
Back2Basics 500 x2 PVX German Blizzlike
HellGround 250 x1-x2 PVP English Blizzlike
Smolderforge 200 Instant 70 PVP English Funserver
PsychoFun 2.4.3 200 Instant 70 PVE Slovack Funserver
Vengeance WoW 80 x1 PVE/PVP English Blizzlike